Tools for Studies

Managing your studies

NMBU students may obtain assistance and support from the sources below.

Tools for Studies

  • Study Coordinators: study coordinators can provide assistance with your education plan, selection of master thesis topic, study leave, and challenges you may be experiencing in your studies.
  • Writing Centre: the Writing Centre can assist you with presentation skills, writing skills, editing assignments, citation rules, and much much more.
  • University Library: in addition to the standard library services, courses are offered in EndNote and Oria, and they assist with Bibsys, Cristin and Brage.
  • Studentsamskipnaden i Ås (SiÅs): the University Foundation for Student Life is responsible for housing, the university bookshop, cafeterias, sports facilities and counselling services.
  • Samfunnet i Ås: the student society offers free membership to international students. University students can also learn a great deal outside the classroom and are encouraged to be socially active.
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