Health Services in Norway

Health Services in Norway

Norway offers subsidized public health care to Norwegian citizens and legal residents, who are eligible for membership in the scheme.

Health Services in Norway

Membership in the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme can be automatically granted to students who intend to live in Norway for more than one year.

Students who will study in Norway 3 - 12 months can apply for Voluntary Membership (pdf).

Helsenorge administrates the National Insurance Scheme.

Health care is generally provided by your assigned General Practioner, if you are a member of the insurance scheme. The local Health Care Center offers certain medical services for students and youth in the municipality.

If you are not a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme or have not yet been assigned a general practitioner, when you are ill, you may contact Follo legevakt (hospital in Ski) tel. 64 87 19 30 and inquire for the doctor on duty. All doctors in the municipality will be assigned days to be on duty. On these days, doctors are responsible for attending ill persons who are not normally registered patients.

Students with EU health cards should call Follo Legevakt, as a general practitioner may not always be assigned.

In case of a medical emergency, dial 113.

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