Life in Ås

Ås is a small university town located in Akershus, Norway. As of January 2015, there are approximately 18 500 inhabitants in Ås municipality.

Life in Ås


Photo: Ås kommune

The small rural community of Ås is located approximately 35 kilometers south of Oslo and approximately 12 kilometers from Drøbak, a seaside town on the the Oslo Fjord.

The municipality has seven elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. They are three parishes in Ås; Kroer, Ås and Nordby.

The local newspapers include Ås Avis and Østlandets Blad. Tuntreet is the monthly NMBU-student magazine. The articles are primarily in Norwegian, but a small portion of each edition is translated to English (towards the back).

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Published 4. November 2015 - 16:04 - Updated 10. November 2015 - 11:12