Student Housing

As soon as your plans for studies at NMBU become definite, you should make finding suitable accommodation a top priority.

Student Housing

On-campus Housing

Upon admission, students at NMBU-Campus Ås are given instructions on how to apply for accommodation provided by SiÅs (University Foundation for Student Life). SiÅs is a student-owned organization responsible for various services for students, such as on-campus housing, cafeterias and the bookstore.

Private Housing Off-campus

Private housing options can be considered and investigated from the very beginning. You might also consider other locations than Ås. For example Ski (7 minutes from Ås with train/car), Vestby (8 minutes from Ås with train/car) and Oslo (30 minutes from Ås with train/car). The train station in Ås is about 15 minutes walk to campus.

We recommend these web pages for searching:

  • Private accommodation guide - SiÅs offers a list of local private units for rent, "housing wanted" ads and some tips.
  • (Norwegian) - The most popular Norwegian website for housing announcements (and many other topics, e.g. jobs, items for sale).
  • (Norwegian) - Another popular Norwegian website for housing announcements (and other topics).
  • - A website presenting smaller and cheaper housing units for rent, often with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.
Published 15. January 2015 - 16:02 - Updated 13. June 2018 - 11:44