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  • Student Advising
    Kai Tilley, NMBU

The Student Information Centre (SiT) answers most of the questions from potential students, current students, and graduated students at NMBU. In addition to SiT, there are student advisors for all the study programs. You find SiT in the Clock building (Urbygningen), first floor.

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Student advising

For general questions

  • Semester registration 
  • Registration for exams 
  • Course catalogue 
  • Student advising 
  • Student exchange programs 
  • Etc. 

Please contact the  
Phone: (+47) 67 23 01 00

For specific questions about courses, please contact the student advisor at your study program. 

Student advisors

Faculty of Biosciences (BIOVIT)

Åsmund Andersen: Aquaculture, Feed Manufacturing Technology

Stine Telneset: Aquaculture, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Feed Manufacturing Technology

Cathrine Strømø: Agroecology, Radioecology


Faculty of Landscape and Society (LANDSAM)

Ingunn Bohmann: International Development Studies (Master), International Environmental Studies and International Relations

Anette Virtanen: International Development Studies (Bachelor)

Monica Vestvik

Anne Svinddal

Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science (KBM)

Heidi Rudi

Janne-Beate Utåker

Elisabeth Fjærvoll Olsen

Faculty of Science and Technology (REALTEK)

Rune Gronnevik

Sigrun Vedø Lien

Carl - Martin Nymark

Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources (MINA)

Per Fredrik Rønneberg Nordhov

Brage B. Monsen: Forestry, Renewable energy

Espen Arestøl: Ecology and management of natural resources (BSc), Natural Resource Management, Nature-based tourism

Faculty of Economics and Business, HH

Judith Marie Holter

Lars Mørk

Kateryna Krutskykh

Lise Thoen

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