Remember - submitting the Mater's thesis

Prior to submitting your Master's thesis

Cover template

Printing the thesis

  • Printing the Master’s thesis must be booked in advance.
  • SiÅS / Rotator is often used, otherwise NMBU has framework agreements with some printers.
  • Check with the faculty if the require extra printed copies of your Master's thesis (and who will pay for them) in addition to the tree copies that must be submitted to the Student Information Center (SiT). 

Confidential thesis

Correct title

  • Be sure to check that the correct title on the Master's thesis is registered in StudentWeb before you submit the thesis.

Deadlines for the submission of the master's thesis

  • Spring parallel: 15 May at 15:00 or
  • Autumn parallel: 15 December at 15:45

When submitting the Master's thesis

Submitting in Brage

  • The Master's thesis is submitted as an electronic version (pdf format) via NMBU's open institutional archive (Brage).
  • For a confidential thesis the form Confidential thesis must be completed and submitted with the electronic version in Brage. Information about Brage
  • Remember that receipt for submission on Brage (sent to your e-mail address) must be presented to SiT when submitting the thesis.
    • If you don't have access to the e-mail from your mobilephone, you may take a picture (with your phone) of the e-mail receipt and present to SiT.

Submitting to Student Information Centre (SiT)

  • At least three (3) printed bound copies of the Master's thesis, identical to the submitted thesis in Brage, are submitted to SiT. 
    • The copies will be stamped by SiT
    • SiT will keep one copy
    • The other copies must be delivered to the Faculty.
  • For a confidential thesis a copy of the approved form Confidential thesis must be submitted with each of the three bound thesis upon submission at SiT.

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