Study Environment Prize

Guidelines for awarding the price

  1. The study environment prize at NMBU aims to highlight good measures to stimulate a good study environment at NMBU. The recipient(s) of the prize must have done something beyond what one might normally expect, in order to promote inclusion, diversity and well-being for students at NMBU.
  2. The prize can be awarded to any student, student group or employee at NMBU.
  3. Proposals for candidates can be submitted by students and staff at NMBU. The nomination must include the candidate's name, justification and contact person.
  4. The Learning Environment Committee (LMU) publishes deadlines and procedures for nomination of candidates in cooperation with the student council's working committee
  5. A committee consisting of two students appointed by the students' work committee, secretary for LMU and an administrative employee from the faculty prepares a proposal for the prize winner.
  6. The prize is awarded by the Learning Environment Committee at NMBU every spring semester, provided there are worthy candidates for the prize.
  7. The prize is a diploma and flowers.
  8. Nominated candidates may be published together with the winner/e of the prize
Published 7. February 2022 - 12:58 - Updated 7. February 2022 - 12:58