Someone to talk with

Open Health Centre for students

Ås Health Centre is an open clinic for youths and students with services offered by nurses, psychologists, midwives and family therapists. The centre is free for all students who have paid semester fees. The centre does not cater for emergencies. You can speak with a nurse about anything that is weighing you down, from home-sickness to examination stress.

Student Life Coordinator SiÅs

The student life coordinator welcomes students to come talk and is responsible for arranging various activities that all students at NMBU can participate in.

The Crisis Centre in Follo (KISIF)

The Crisis Centre in Follo offers counsellors that you can talk with especially in a crisis. They offer women, men and children who are exposed to domestic violence or abuse, temporary housing to escape their situation. The Centre in also offers phone counselling for women, men and children. Please read more Information about the Crisis Centre in Follo Brochure in English.

The Student Chaplain at NMBU

The Student Chaplain is ready and willing to speak with all students, regardless of background or faith on a variety of topics.

Do you need guidance with your studies?

The student advisors at the various faculties can help you with academic matters or refer you to staff with more specialised knowledge. They can help you plan out your study program and advise you on which courses to take with regards to your intellectual interests.

The Student Information Centre (SiT)

SiT is the university's oracle service for students, and can answer most things. If they cannot answer themselves, they will put you in touch with the right person.

Published 29. January 2009 - 13:00 - Updated 5. October 2022 - 14:00