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Fikselauget in Ås (The fixing crew - loosely translated!)

Ås now has one of the country's first Fikselaug! The fixing crew is part of an initiative to increase awareness and knowledge of material use, it's quality and also in teaching techniques for taking care of and reusing clothes. Workshops are organized once a month and throughout the year. These are open to anyone who wants to learn more about repairing clothes and taking care of what they have. For dates and more information visit Fikselauget Ås on Facebook.

Vestby and Ås Red Cross

The Red Cross is active in the area and needs volunteers, for the activities like 'visit a senior', refugee guide and homework help.

Ås Volunteer Centre

The Ås Volunteer Center is for all residents of Ås municipality, and it is up to you what it can be used for. Do you have a good idea? Or would you like to contribute to one of the existing activities? Contact them! They offer activities such as a language café for those wanting to learn more Norwegian in an informal setting.

The 'Future in our hands' Ås

The 'the Future in our hands' Ås (Fremtiden i våre hender Ås) is a group working on a food project that focuses on eliminating the waste of food and resources. They have also been initiators of the food cooperative Bua - Bærekraft i butik store on campus. They help promote the reuse of consumer goods and took the initiative to reopen the second-hand shop in the Red Cross house in Ås (Opshop).

Other types of voluntary work ( is a portal listing all voluntary work in Norway. On this portal, you can easily search for a city or county and see what kind of opportunities are available near you.

Published 29. September 2022 - 21:39 - Updated 29. September 2022 - 21:49