University of Minnesota

About the agreement

The agreement covers allmost all academic fields, but the most relevant colleges are:

- College of Biological Sciences
- College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences

NMBU also has an agreement with Carlson School of Management (NOTE: Bachelor students only within the fields of economy and administration).

The agreement with University of Minnesota is part of the Norwegian Centennial Chair Program. The purpose of this cooperation is to form Transatlantic Research Teams of scientists, undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Minnesota (UMN) and Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

Number of study places

Ten (five students for one year, or five students each semester).


Autumn: August – December.

Spring: January - May.

Selection of applicants

Applicants with the best average grade at the time of application. Applicants who are linked to research projects between NMBU and UMN will be given priority.

NMBU must adhere to the grade requirements from our partner university. University of Minnesota Twin Cities requires an average grade of C or better. To be admitted at the Biological Sciences and Carlson Business School it is also required that you have mathematics at university level. Biological Sciences requires no grades lower than C.

Level of studies

Bachelo, Master and PhD.

Language requirements

4 in English from Norwegian 'videregående', or

TOEFL score 79 (internet based test), or

IELTS test score 6.5.

Recognition of study credits

Bachelor students: 15 credits, fulltime studies one semester.

Master students: 12 credits, fulltime studies one semester.

Courses taken previously by NMBU students

BIOC 4332 Biochemistry II:
             Molecular Mechanisms of Signal Transduction and Gene Expression
BIOC 5351 Protein Engineering
BIOC 4125 Laboratory in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
BIOL 1050 Environmental Biology: Science and Solutions
BIOL 4950 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 1101 Genetics and Society
BBE 1002 Biorenewable Resources
GCC 3001 GC: Can We Feed the World?
GCD 5036 Molecular Cell Biology
GCD 4134 Endocrinology
GCD 3485 Bioinformatics Analysis
HSCI 3401 Ethics in Science and Technology
MICB 3303 Biology of Microorganisms
MICB 4131 Immunology
NSCI 3101 Introduction to Neurobiology I
STAT 3021 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

BBE 4608 Environmental and Industrial Microbiology
ESPM 4061 Water Quality and Natural Resources
ESPM 4216 Contaminant Hydrology
ENRM 3131 GIS for Natural Resources


ABUS 4509 New Product Development
FSCN 4311 Chemical Reactions in Food Systems
FSCN 8318 Current Issues in Food Saftey
FSCN 4481 Sensory Evaluation of Food Quality
FSCN 8391 Independant Study Food Science

BIOC 3021 Biochemistry
BIOC 3960 Research Topics in Biochemistry
BIOL 3272 Applied Biostatistics
CHEM 2121 Process Analytical Chemistry
GCD 3485 Bioinformatics Analysis
PHCL 3100 Pharmacology for Pre-Med and Life Science Students


ABUS 4515 Strategy and Management for a Sustainable Future
FINA 4622 International Finance
FINA 4121 Financial Markets and Interest Rates
FINA 4621 The Global Economy (Macro)
FINA 4522 Options and Derivatives
IDSC 3001 Information Systems in Business
MGMT 4040 Negotiation Strategies
MGMT 3900 International Business Communication
PA 3003 Nonprofit and Public Financial Management
PA 5011 Management of Organizations

AEM 4201 Fluid Mechanics
BBE 2201 Renewable Energy and the Environment
CEGE 3502 Fluid Mechanics
CEGE 4501 Hydrologic Design
EE 3161 Semiconductor Devices
MATH 4567 Fourier Analysis
ME 5341 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering and Design
PHYS 2601 Quantum Physics
STAT 3021 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

CEGE3502 Fluid Mechanics
CSCI1113 Introduction to C/C++
EE2361 Introduction to Microcontrollers
MATS4212 Ceramics
ME5462 Gas Turbines
MM3305 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Tuition fees

For the academic year 2020/2021, NMBU has two semester places where tuition is waived. Other students traveling through the agreement pay resident tuition (about USD 6000 per semester).

All students must pay an application fee (100USD) to UMN.

Health Insurance in the US
American universities have strict requirements for students’ health insurance. All students are studying in the USA should expect to purchase private health insurance recommended by the host university. This health insurance might be in addition to other (travel) insurances purchases by the student in Norway or abroad. University health insurance plans range from USD$ 500-1200 but can cost more. Read more about what health benefits you might be entitled to while studying in the USA on exchange from a Norwegian institution on HelseNorge.  


UMN can assist with finding housing. The application for housing is sent together with the admission application.

Visa / Residence permit

Visa: It is the student’s own responsibility to apply for a visa. A first step would therefore be to acquire information from the relevant country’s embassy.

Study visa: A student visa is necessary in order to study in the USA. You have to first receive a letter of acceptance from the host university before you can apply. The visum processing fee is currently USD $160, and the SEVIS registration fee is USD $350 for F-1 applicants and $220 for J-1 applicants. The universities in the USA will issue a document for students to obtain either the F1 or the J1 visa. 

NOTE J1 visa: Be aware that this carries a clause whereby the applicant faces a two-year ‘quarantine’ period after the initial residence period, in which the applicant cannot apply for a permanent work or residence permit in the USA. However, this does only apply if the student received public funding, such as from Lånekassen.

More information: The US Embassy’s website 


If you consider to apply one of our partner universities in the US, be aware that the universities may require a financial guarantee as proof that you can finance your studies.

Remember to apply for grants

- Fulbright
- Lakselaget
- Torske Klubben

Published 16. January 2017 - 11:05 - Updated 3. January 2023 - 11:17