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Singapore is a combined island- and city state at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. More and more Norwegian students are becoming aware of Singapore, as Asia is becoming increasingly important worldwide both in terms of culture, politics and economics. James Cook University (JCU) Singapore is owned by JCU Australia, a leading university in tropical research. Singapore  is well known for its low crime and high standard of living. The campus is equipped with excellent lecture and seminar rooms, library, computer rooms and fitness facilities. JCU Singapore offers a unique student environment with an international focus and a multitude of available student organizations and activities. 


About the agreement
The agreement applies for the academic field of economics, at both bachelor’s and master’s level.

Number of study places
Several Study Abroad places.

Entry requirements
JCU demands that applicants have achieved an average grade of C upon sending their applications.

Language requirements (English)

One of the following requirements:
-Upper Secondary school (‘videregående’ in Norwegian): Average minimum score of 4, or
-TOEFL: Minimum score 79 (internet-based test), scoring at least 19 on the writing part (and no other part should be below 20), or
-IELTS: a minimum score of 6.0 (and no part under 5.5)

Recognition of study credits
12 credits (4 courses of 3 credits each) is equivalent to 30 NMBU credits.

Tuition fees
NMBU students will have to pay the Study Abroad tuition fee (currently around 7961 SGD for four months at the undergraduate level, and 10700 SGD for four months at graduate level). However, NMBU students receive a 10% discount on these fees.

Semester timing 
Trimester 1: February - June.
Trimester 2: June - October.
Trimester 3: October - February.

All international students will have to live off-campus; JCU has an accommodation office which can help in finding accommodation.

Visa requirements
To study at JCU in Singapore, a current study visa will be necessary. However, before applying for such a visa, it is necessary to have received a letter of admission. The visa application requires, among other things, a birth certificate.

Sultan Mosque, Singapore.  Photo: Wikipedia

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