University of Otago

Selection of applicants
Applicants are chosen according to the highest average grade scores achieved upon applying. Average grade C is required.

Study level
Bachelor and Master.

Language requirements 
Upper secondary school (norsk: videregående skole): Average grade of 4 in English.

Semester timing
Semester 1: February – June.
Semester 2: July – November.

Recognition of study credits
18 Otago credits equal 9 ECTS.

100, 200 and 300 courses are Bachelor-level courses, 400 are Master-level courses.

Students normally do 3-4 papers (courses) each semester (54-72 credits).


Tuition fees
The tuition fee is about NZD12500 per semester. NMBU students will receive an Otago grant (10% of the tuition fee). In total NZD11250.


The University offers student accommodation.
Accommodation will cost about NZD4465 (24 weeks), electricity, bedding and internet included. Four - six people share accommodation, one person will be local.

Application form.

Visa / Residence permit
For periods of study exceeding three months, a visa is necessary. To apply for a visa, it is necessary to have been accepted as an exchange student, to have received a receipt for paid tuition fees, and to be able to prove sufficient funds for covering living expenses during the stay. The application should be sent together with your passport to London, where the closest visa-processing embassy is. Processing time can take up to four weeks, and will cost around £160 (around NOK1600).  More information about the visa application.

Important to note: Students who are part of an approved exchange scheme must apply for a student visa before their arrival in New Zealand. This includes students who are from visa-waiver countries.
Exchange students can come to New Zealand as visitors and apply for an exchange student visa within New Zealand, but only if they can provide an exceptional reason as to why they could not obtain one before arrival.


Universities in New Zealand require that students pay their own insurance. This must be documented. Alternatively the University sells an insurance (NZD300).

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