Earth University

About the agreement 
The agreement covers bachelor-level students in relevant fields of study.

As an obligatory part of a student exchange program, exchange students must participate in ‘community work’ on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Number of study places 
Five per year.

Selection of applicants 
Upon applying, applicants must have an average grade score of minimum C.
NMBU will nominate candidates based on a holistic assessment both of the grades achieved and the letter of motivation.

Language of teaching

Language requirements (Spanish)
An average grade of 4 in Spanish from upper secondary school, or some other test and grade which demonstrates equivalent skills.
Earth University offers refresher courses in Spanish which can be taken before the main studies start.

Semester timing 
The semesters at Earth are divided into three so-called trimestre.
Trimestre 1: January – April.
Trimestre 2: May – August.
Trimestre 3: September – December.

Recognition of study credits 
1 credit at Earth is equivalent to 1.25 credits at NMBU.
A full time course of study consists of 16 credits a trimester (this is equivalent to 20 credits at NMBU).

Tuition fees
NMBU students have to pay a tuition fee, which is currently ca. $7332 per trimester.
This fee does, however, include food and accommodation, in addition to the education itself.

Earth University har mye praktisk undervisning // Earth University has a lot of hands-on education
The education at Earth University often contains many practical exercises. Photo:
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