Uni de Costa Rica

Number of study places
Two students for a year, or four students for a semester each (two students per semester).

Selection of applicants
Applicants are ranged according to their average grade scores upon applying.

Tuition fees
One semester exchange spot and other students pay USD $1 300 per semester.

Recognition of study credits
18 credits at UCR are equivalent to 30 ECTS credits at NMBU.

Language requirements (Spanish)
All teaching is given in Spanish, and so it is demanded that exchange students have sufficient language skills; NMBU students must have Spanish language skills equivalent to Spanish level 1 from Norwegian secondary school, and in addition skills equivalent to Spanish Basic and Spanish Intermediate from NMBU. Alternative documentation of skills may also suffice, such as having studied one year of Spanish at university level.

Semester timing
Semester 1: February - June.
Semester 2: July - December.


Published 21. November 2014 - 13:07 - Updated 14. June 2022 - 15:23