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About the agreement
Bilateral agreement, meaning that all NMBU students – both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level - can apply. Exchange students are not allowed to take engineering courses at the Vancouver Campus, only at Okanagan. All students who apply to UBC must select either the Vancouver or Okanagan Campus.

Tuition fees
Students who travel through the agreement are exempt from paying tuition fees.

Number of study places
Currently NMBU has been awarded two exchange spots for the academic year 2023/2024. The exchange spot can be for either the Vancouver or Okanagan Campus.

Selection of applicants
Upon applying, applicants should have achieved a minimum average grade of C. Furthermore, applicants are ranged according to their grade scores.

Who can apply
All applicants must have completed either 600 study points or completed a bachelor degree before the exchange takes place.

Language requirements (English)
There different English requirements at UBC for undergraduate and graduate students.

Credits equivalent to a full-time study
Bachelor’s level: 15 credits per semester.
Master’s level: 12 credits per semester.
NOTE: 15 credits per semester will involve a heavier workload.

Courses previously taken by NMBU students at both Vancouver and Okanagan campus:

PHIL407 Theory of Knowledge
PHYS304 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

PHYS320 Environmental Physics
PHYS407 Introduction to General Relativity
PHYS328 Advanced Mechanics
PHYS402 Advanced Quantum Mechanics

BIOL301 Evolutionary Principles and Methods
CHEM302 Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry
CHEM301 Aqueous Environmental Chemistry
EESC402 Freshwater Resources
EESC418 Climate Change Impact
EESC423 Traces of Natural Processes

BIOL301 Evolutionary Principles and Methods
BIOL308 Population Biology
BIOL375 Flora and Fauna of Inland Waters
SUST100 Sustainability: People, Place and Process

COMM280 Entrepreneurship
COMM298 Introduction to Finance
COMM487 Environmental Management
COMM493 Strategic Management in Business
ECON301 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis 1
EOSC112 The Fluid Earth: Atmosphere and Ocean
STAT200 Elementary Statistics

CHEM205 Physical Chemistry
CHEM302 Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry
ECON102 Principles of Microeconomics
PHYS170 Mechanics

ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics
MATH221 Matrix Algebra
PHYS225 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS231 Introduction to Electronics
ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics
MATH225 Introduction to Differential Equations
PHYS215 Thermodynamics
PHYS232 Modern Physics Laboratory

COMM377 International Financial Markets and Institutions
COMM471 Mergers and Acquisitions
COMM487 Environmental Management


Semester timing
Semester 1: early September – mid December.
Semester 2: early January – end April.

UBC cannot offer a student housing guarantee. In addition, it can be very difficult to secure on-campus accommodation in the autumn semester, especially if a student only will be at UBC for one semester. 
In any case, it is recommended to see UBC’s accommodation pages.

Visa and residence permit
Norwegian citizens, for studies of under six months duration: A permit for studying in Canada should not be necessary, provided that a valid Norwegian passport is shown together with a Student Exchange Letter or Acceptance Letter.

All nationalities (including Norwegians), for studies of over six months duration: Please visit Immigration Canada’s website to obtain information on the necessary visa application.  
The Canadian Embassy in the United Kingdom processes most of the visas for non-Norwegians.  According to new regulations, some nationalities will need to travel to the Canadian Embassy in the UK to submit biometric data for the processing of a student visa.

NOTE: Exchange students have to register for mandatory health insurance with UBC. In addition, they will have to buy a "universal transportation pass" (U-pass) for public transport in Vancouver.


University of British Columbia i hsten /in the autumn
University of British Columbia in the autumn.  Photo: Wikipedia

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