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Helsinki is a modern and vibrant city where you can easily combine urban life and outdoor activities. Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is situated at Viikki campus, one of the university's four campuses.

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Downtown Helsinki, University area
Downtown Helsinki, University area Photo:

About the agreement
The agreement covers Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, but it is also possible to attend courses at other faculties. The agreement is both Nordplus and Erasmus.

Who can apply
All Erasmus and Nordplus students must complete 60 credits before the exchange semester starts.

4 Erasmus students per year and 5 Nordplus students per year.

Language of teaching
Finnish and English.

Tuition fees
Erasmus and Nordplus students must register and pay the semester fee at UMB whilst on exchange, but do not pay any tuition fees at the partner university.

The university has a limited number of rooms for international students, more information here.

Useful webpages
The webpage of University of Helsinki

Information for international students.

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry


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