University of East Anglia

About the agreement
The agreement applies for development studies, biosciences, business and economics (bachelor students).

Who can apply
For all Erasmus agreements it is necessary to have attained 60 credits on your current NMBU program before commencing on an exchange study abroad.

Number of study places
One student for one year, or two students for one semester each.

Language of teaching

Semester timing
Autumn semester: September - December.
Spring semester: January - June.

Tuition Fees

Erasmus students must continue to pay for NMBU’s semester fees, plus register with NMBU whilst they are on exchange. However, it is not necessary to pay any types of fee at the partner university.


Example courses students have taken previously


DEV-5011A People And Place

DEV-6003A Wars And Humanitarian Crises

DEV-5004A Social Anthropology for International Development

Introduction To Natural Resources and Development

ENV-6006A Biodiversity Conservation And Human Society

DEV-5015A Communication for Development

PPLX6066A Better Worlds? Utopias and Dystopias


Introduction To Natural Resources and Development

Wars and Humanitarian Crises


Global Health and International Development (School of Development)

Wars and Humanitarian Crises (School of Development)

Climate Change: Science and Policy (School of Environment)

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