Type of agreement

About the agreement
The agreement applies for landscape architecture (bachelor and master students).

Who can apply
For all Erasmus agreements it is necessary to have attained 60 credits on your current NMBU program before commencing on an exchange study abroad.

Number of study places
Two students in one semester (only autumn semester). 

Language of teaching


Students must select 60 Sheffield credits (30 NMBU credits) for one semester.

Semester timing
Autumn semester: end of August - December.
Spring semester: end of January - June.

NOTE: Please be aware that postgraduate (Masters) level grades are not finalised until November each year, regardless of which semester you are there. This is because they must be moderated by an external examiner. A letter containing the provisional grades can be requested from the receiving departments in the meantime.

Tuition Fees

Erasmus students must continue to pay NMBU’s semester fee, plus register at NMBU whilst they are on exchange. However, it is not necessary to pay any types of fee at the partner university.

Sheffield University.

The University of Sheffield.


Published 21. February 2017 - 14:25 - Updated 13. September 2021 - 11:33