University of Iceland

Type of agreement

About the agreement
All subject areas are covered by the agreement.

Who can apply
For all Erasmus agreements it is necessary to have attained 60 credits on your current NMBU program before commencing on an exchange study abroad.

Number of study places
Two students each year.

Language of teaching
Icelandic and English.

Semester timing
Autumn semester: August - December.
Spring semester: January – May.

Example courses students have taken previously


UAU101F Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy and Resource Management

STJ301M Small States Theory: Opportunities and Constraints of Small States in the International System

ASK102F Theories of International Relations

UAU107M Climate Change

ASK113F Small States and Arctic Governance

UAU018M The Arctic Circle



UMV101M Environmental Impact Assessment 1

MEX020G Icelandic Nature and Cultural Legacy

UAU107M Climate Change

ENS131G General Speaking and Listening Skills



MAN603F Global Health

MAN018F Development Cooperation: Approaches and Institutions



LAN216F Regions and culture

UAU207M Sustainable Futures

MEX202G Icelandic Nature and Cultural Legacy

UAU214M Conservation Biology



UAU109F Management of Protected Areas - Field course in Southeast Iceland

IDN113F Time Series Analysis

VEL120F Geothermal Wells



LAN110F Tourism and environmental management

LAN108F Landscape, views of nature and land use

LAN114F Tourism and wilderness

UAU018M The Arctic Circle

MEX020G Icelandic Nature and Cultural Legacy

UAU109F Management of Protected Areas - Field Course in Southeast Iceland



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