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AgroParisTech is part of the Paris Institute of Technology (ParisTech) and is located in Paris. Paris is the home to famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur and has a population of approximately 10 million. AgroParisTech is the faculty of Life Sciences, Food Technology and Environmental Sciences and has approximately 2000 students. This grande école consists of five departments with campus at nine different locations in Paris.


About the agreement
The agreement covers master’s- and third year bachelor’s level studies within Agronomy, Food Technology, Life Sciences and Environment.

Who can apply
For all Erasmus agreements it is necessary to have attained 60 credits on your current NMBU program before commencing on an exchange study abroad.

Number of study places
Four students for a year, and two students for a semester.

Language of teaching
French. However, there are some summer courses given in English.

Semester timing
Autumn semester: September – December.
Spring semester: January – May.

Tuition fees
Erasmus students must continue to pay for NMBU’s semester fees, plus register with NMBU whilst they are on exchange. However, it is not necessary to pay any types of fee at the partner university.

250px-Notre-Dame_%C3%AEle_de_la_Cit%C3%AThe banks of the Seine (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).  Photo: Wikipedia

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