About the agreement


The agreement covers Natural Sciences, Plant Sciences, Biology, Agriculture, MINA, Aquaculture and Food Sciences.

Who can apply
For all Erasmus agreements it is necessary to have attained 60 credits on your current NMBU program before commencing on an exchange study abroad.

Number of study places
Five students, five months each.

Language of teaching
French and English. If you are studying Plant Sciences, Agroecology, Biology, MINA or Aquaculture you do not need any prerequisities in French. 

Semester timing


Tuition fees
Erasmus students must continue to pay for NMBU’s semester fees, plus register with NMBU whilst they are on exchange. However, it is not necessary to pay any types of fee at the partner university.

(Information is not available at the time of writing. If you would like to know more, please contact SiT).

Published 4. November 2014 - 12:42 - Updated 29. September 2022 - 10:40