France Agro 3

About the agreement

The agreement applies for agricultural subjects, food science, natural sciences, environmental subjects and agroecology (both bachelor's and master's)

Note that the consortium consists of three institutions in different cities:

ISARA - Lyon
Junia - Lille

Who can apply
For all Erasmus agreements, you must have completed 60 credits before your stay abroad begins.

Number of places
9 students for one semester each, 2 students for one semester each in agroecology to ISARA

Language of instruction
French and English. Entire semester in English in food and wine (Bachelor's level). Global semester (Master's level, spring only). Full course catalogue

The duration of the semester at the partner university
Autumn semester: September-December.
Spring semester: January-June.

Tuition Fees
Erasmus students must pay the semester fee and register for the semester at NMBU for the semester they are abroad, but then do not have to pay the semester fee or other tuition fees at the partner university

Published 5. October 2022 - 14:28 - Updated 5. October 2022 - 14:28