Erasmus+ is EU's programme for cooperation within higher education in Europe. It makes it easier and cheaper for you as a student to take part of your degree in another European country.   To be able to travel as an Erasmus student, you must go to a university that NMBU has an agreement with. NMBU has more than 130 Erasmus+ agreements in nearly 30 countries, so your options for exchange are many.

The benefits of going on exchange through Erasmus+:

  • You get an Erasmus+ grant of 410/460 EUR per month
  • You don't pay any tuition fees
  • You can get an online language course for free
  • The host university will often help you to find accommodation
  • You often get the possibility to participate in introduction programmes for Erasmus+ students at the host university.


Who can apply for Erasmus+ exchange

The Erasmus+ grant

Green Travel Grant

Languages in Erasmus+

Learning agreement

Erasmus+ traineeship

Application form for exchange through Erasmus+ 


 Erasmus Charter





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