Exchange Partners

Where can I study abroad?

When can I study abroad?

Check how the academic year is organized in the country/university you want to study. Foreign istitutions often have a different way of organizing the academic year than the Norwegian one.

Some programs recommend which semester their students should study abroad. This advice is worth following! Please contact the study coordinator at your department for more information on when you should travel.

How long should the exchange last?

Normally student exchanges can last from three months to one year. To settle down in a new place may take time, and students who have spent one semester abroad often comment that they would have liked to stay longer. After one semester abroad, students can feel that they are just "getting started" both academically, linguistically and socially. So if you can fit in one academic on exchange, it is definitely worth considering. 


Published 2. January 2009 - 11:00 - Updated 1. March 2022 - 13:41