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When can I travel?

In order to go on an exchange you must have studied for one year or have 60 ECTS. You can be on both bachelor, master or PhD-level. Some study programs have specially adapted course plans, meaning that the departments has chosen one or more partner university that suits their students best. Some programs also recommend which semester their students should study abroad. These are advises worth following! Please contact the study coordinator at your department for more information on when you should travel.

Finding your way into an exchange opportunity can be easy, especially when you know where to go and what you want to study. If you go through one of NMBU's exchange agreements you will get help and guidance throughout the application process.

Where can I travel?


Outside of Europe

Nordic and Baltic countries


The NOVA-network

Exchange agreements sorted by faculty

Exchange - Veterinary Students

When can I apply?

We have two deadlines each academic year:

February 1st for exchange the following fall and/or spring semester;

September 15th for exchange the following spring semester.

What time of year will it be the best to travel?

Check how the academic year is organized in the country/university you want to study. Foreign istitutions often have a different way of organizing the academic year than the Norwegian one. In Australia or New Zealand they start the fall semester in July, and the spring semester in February. In Germany they start their winter semester in October and end it in February, while the summer semester begins in April and lasts until July. Such "timing differences" could have consequences if you return in the midst of the Norwegian semester.

How long should the exchange last?

Normally student exchanges can last from three months to one year. To settle down in a new place may take time, and several students who spent one semester abroad have reported back that they wished they had decided to stay longer. At the time of going back they felt that they were just "getting started" both academically, linguistically and socially. 

Når kan jeg reise på utveksling?

Når kan jeg reise på utveksling?


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