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It doesn't have to cost you much to study abroad. In fact, you often have more money to spend as a student abroad than if you were studying in Norway.


Please note that you are solely responsible for financing your stay abroad, and that an application for support to the State Educational Loan Fund is a private matter that you need to arrange.

The State Educational Loan Fund
The Loan Fund is for most students the main funding source for their studies, also while on exchange. The fund provides loans to cover some expenses while studying abroad, such as travel and accommodation, as well as support for tuition if this is applicable.

In addition to the basic support, the Loan Fund provides the following support, provided you receive pre-acceptance of your exchange study plan:

School Financial support

Up to 60000kr per year (70% grant, 30% loan). More information can be found on the Loan Fund's website.

Travel support
You get an amount that supports two return trips per year (70% grant, 30% loan). The amount depends on which country you are studying in. Read more about this at the Loan Fund's website.

Language Scholarships
You can get about 17000kr in grants for a 4-week language course if you are planning to study in a non-English speaking country.

The exchange programs Erasmus and Nordplus are favorable scholarship programs that give you extra scholarships, beyond the support from the State Educational Loan Fund.

Other scholarships:
See Legathåndboken for a list of current grants and endowments

Research Council, International Scholarship
Provision of scholarships for young scientists and students planning to study abroad.

British Chevening Scholarships
Chevening Scholarships are announced each year by the British Council in Norway. Applicants must be studying at doctoral or graduate level.

The US-Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange
The Fulbright office in Norway announces scholarships each year to students in doctoral or postgraduate levels at universities in the United States.

The Norway-America Association
The Norway-America Association hands out each year a number of scholarships to study in North America.

A Research Scholarship from your department?
Several departments at NMBU distribute limited funds for research projects. Procedures and deadlines vary, so please contact the student advisor at your department to see if you have the opportunity to receive such support, for example towards international fieldwork within your thesis.

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