Acceptance of studies

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Acceptance of your exchange is necessary to avoid a delay in your studies and to integrate the exchange into your Norwegian degree. 

Acceptance of studies

Whether you are travelling on your own, or through one of our exchange programs, you must get your courses abroad accepted. The acceptance assures that the courses are to be integrated in your degree at NMBU. We distinguish between pre-acceptance and final acceptance. 

The pre-acceptance proves that your studies abroad are going to be accepted as part of your degree at NMBU when you get back home. The Norwegian Loan Fund (Lånekassen) needs this pre-acceptance to be able to grant funding for your studies abroad. 

You apply for pre-acceptance to your own faculty, and the need for documentation varies. Ask the istudy advisor at your faculty about what kind of documentation they will need.

Examples of documentation that may be required:

  • Study plan with course descriptions and an overview of teaching and examination methods
  • Reading lists and general information about the university you want to study at

Lack of documentation can lead to longer processing times.

Main rules for acceptance:

  • The studies cannot overlap with previous courses.
  • A one year full-time study abroad shall equal one year of study at NMBU (60 credits). Be aware that the Loan Fund only provides support for full-time studies. Also note that full-time studies means prescribed studies (full credit load). You will find the norm length of the studies by calculating how many credits (studiepoeng, units, créditos etc.) needed to obtain a degree, and then divide it by the number of the semesters needed to achieve the degree (norm length). At some foreign universities you are considered as a full-time student even if you do not take a full credit load. If you take fewer credits than the norm, you usually get that amount of credits approved by NMBU.
  • If you are going to the US, Latin America, or some countries in Africa or Asia, the first year courses will normally not be accepted. The first year of education for countries in these areas are typically not recognized as higher education in Norway.
  • Remember to tell your study advisor if you end up taking other subjects than the ones you have gotten pre-accepted. 

Final acceptance: At the end of your stay

You apply for final acceptance when you have returned to Norway. This acceptance is also necessary to get part of the student loan converted into a grant. 

Application for pre-approval

Application final acceptance 


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