Teacher Academies

Who can apply? 

Following types of organizations registered in a programme country can be listed as applicants/parties in partnerships:

  • Teacher Education Institutions 
  • Ministries or similar public bodies responsible for school education policies.
  • Public (local, regional or national) and private bodies responsible for developing policies and offer teacher education as well as defining standards for teachers’ qualifications.
  • Teacher associations or other nationally recognized providers of teacher education and continuous professional development.
  • Authorities responsible for education and training of teachers and supervision of their continuous professional development and qualifications.
  • Schools working with teacher education providers to allow for practical training as part of teacher education.
  • Other schools or other organizations relevant for the project. 

An Erasmus Teacher Academy  must include at least 3 full partners from a minimum of 3 Programme countries.  At least 2 of the partnering Programme countries must be nationally recognised providers of initial teacher education from 2 different Programme countries. In addition, at least 1 of the partnering Programme countries must be a nationally recognised provider of continuing professional development (in-service training) for teachers.

See the Erasmus+ Programme guide for more detailed explanations on valid applicants and partners. 

What kind of funding is available?

Through Erasmus+ Teacher Academies, one applies for funding to establish a European Teacher Academy. The Teacher Academies are partnerships between types of institutions/organizations mentioned above. Each Erasmus Teacher Academy shall implement a coherent and comprehensive set of activities that support the objectives of the program. 

For a more detailed explanation and examples of these activities, see the Erasmus+ Programme guide under "setting up a project" (page 210).

How to apply 

Erasmus Teacher Academy is a centralized initiative in Erasmus+ which is managed by the European Commission. The coordinator sends an application to the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels. If desirable, DIKU can provide advice and guidance in the application process. This is done by developing a project/partnership in line with the application criteria listed in the  Erasmus+ Programme guide. Also see the Programme guide for application criteria and other information that is currently available for the Erasmus Teacher Academy. 

The application form is not published yet on the EACEA website, but will be made available at a later date. The same link (containing the application form) will also become available on DIKUs website around the same time. The exact date the application form will be available is still unclear. 

 Without direct management responsibilities for the Erasmus+ Programme, DIKU, as the national office in Norway, has a more informative, recruiting and guiding role. DIKU will assist in the application process -  to the best of their ability and in line with resource availability. It is highly recommended to contact DIKU if any questions arise about the application prosess or application form. More information about assistance and eventual informative webinars will be provided later. 

Seed Funding

Institutions, organizations and companies that want to develop projects within the centralized measures in Erasmus + can apply to DIKU for seed funding. DIKU can also assist with guidance. 

 Read more about seed funding.

Additional Information about the Action

The Teacher Academies have 4 main objectives. Listed under is a short summary of the objectives:

  1. The Programme will contribute to the improvement of  teacher education policies and practices in Europe.
  2. The Programme will enhance the European dimension and internationalization of teacher education
  3. The Programme will develop and test jointly different models of mobility (virtual, physical and blended) in initial teacher education and as part of teachers’ continuous professional development
  4. The Programme will develop sustainable collaboration between teacher education providers with an impact to the quality of teacher education in Europe

The Teacher Academies are centrally administered. The means that it is the European Commission that both receives and manages applications, and governs the programme after the start of the project. 

The maximum EU grant per project is 1.5 million euros with a project period of three years.

Published 14. April 2021 - 15:11 - Updated 14. April 2021 - 15:15