Who can apply for Erasmus+ exchange

  • You have to be a degree-seeking student in one of NMBU's study programmes when you apply for the exchange.
  • The exchange must be approved as part of your degree at NMBU.
  • You must apply to a university that has an Erasmus+ agreement with NMBU (for study mobility)
  • You must have passed at least 30 ECTS when you apply
  • You must have passed at least 60 ECTS before departure to the host university.
  • Some Erasmus+ agreements have additional requirements, for example language requirements and the amount of passed ECTS. Always check the web profile for further information.
  • Minimum length of stay for study mobility for Erasmus+ is 3 months (90 days).
  • You can apply for exchange through Erasmus+ for maximum of 12 months per study level (BA/MA/PhD). 
Published 30. November 2017 - 13:52 - Updated 3. May 2019 - 15:04