Learning agreement

The Learning Agreement contains a description of which courses you should take on exchange, and gives you confidence that courses you pass can be approved as part of your degree.

  • When you are going to fill in your Online Learning Agreement (OLA), please contact utveksling@nmbu.no to get access. 
  • You will receive a link from the Online Learning Agreement with access to a partly prefilled OLA. NB! You have to use Chrome or Firefox .
  • All fields (marked with a star)  should be filled in before you sign the OLA digitally (by pointer/mouse).  Here you can find a detailed User Manual which we recommend you to follow step by step.  
  • You need to fill in courses at the host university for 30 ECTS, language level for the teaching language and which courses you are going to replace at NMBU (if you have only electives, please fill in "Mobility window" or "elective courses"). Only table A and Table B should be filled in before the mobility.  
  • Your study coordinator at NMBU will automatically receive a notification by email to sign your OLA once you have signed it.
  • Once your study coordinator has signed it, it will automatically be sent to your host university. When it is signed by all three parts, your OLA is complete.  

You will be notified by e-mail and/or the Erasmus+ mobile App when one part has signed. You can also log in to Online Learning Agreement or the Erasmus+ mobile App to check status during the process. 

If you make changes to your courses during the mobility period, you will have to update the OLA by using the part called During Mobility.

If you need more help or advise regarding the OLA, please contact utveksling@nmbu.no

PDF version of OLA? 

  • You can download a PDF of the OLA if the host university requires a paper version. It can also be signed on paper if necessary. From 2022 it will be mandtory to use the OLA.
  • If the host university cannot sign online and requires a paper copy, you may print a PDF of the OLA. If this is the case, please send a scanned copy signed by all three parts to Erasmus coordinator tonje.nore@nmbu.no  



Published 26. April 2019 - 11:36 - Updated 20. May 2021 - 13:54