Erasmus+ Actions

Global Mobility: Through the Global Mobility program, institutions can apply for financing for mobility with partners outside of the EU. Students and staff may receive support for studies, traineeships or educational stays with approved partners. Similarly, students and staff outside the EU may receive support for stays at Norwegian institutions or companies. No Calls for Application in 2021

Partnerships for Cooperation: The goal of Partnerships for Cooperation is to exchange experiences, develop collaborative networks and increase the quality and relevance of education through internationalization. Erasmus + Partnerships for Cooperation supports interdisciplinary collaboration in Europe that will develop, exchange and test innovative practices, pedagogical methods and/or learning activities. Partnerships for Cooperation will develop new knowledge which can be shared and disseminated to stakeholders at the different stages. Application deadline is 20 May 2021 by 12.00.

Partnerships for Innovation: In the new Erasmus program (2021-2027), the previous Knowledge Alliances have become Partnerships for Innovation. These are European collaborative projects in higher education and vocational training. The goal of Partnerships for Innovation is to develop innovative education that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship within both education and employment. Application deadline is 7 September 2021 by 17.00

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees: Higher education institutions can work together in a consortium and apply for support to establish and run a joint study program at master's level. The support is given for four or five student admission rounds. The idea is that collaboration will provide increased academic quality and that this in turn will increase the attractiveness to students, especially from countries outside Europe. Application deadline is 26 May 2021 by 17.00

Erasmus+ Teacher Academies: The Erasmus+ Teacher Academies is a new centrally administered partnership program under the auspices of the EU. Through this partnership program institutions/ partnerships can apply for funding for long-term collaborations. Application deadline is 7 September 2021

Jean Monnet: The objective of this action is to promote world-leading academic and educational institutions within Europe, as well as to contribute to dialogue between academia and decision-makers, especially when it comes to improving the management of EU policies. Application deadline is 2 June 2021 by 17.00

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) launches Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education. Application deadline is 25 May 2021.  

Staff mobility


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