Before Exchange

Apply for Pre-Approval of Coursework

Apply for pre-approval of coursework to your study coordinator at the faculty. This is important so that your exchange studies can be part of your degree at NMBU and to receive support from Lånekassen (if you are eligible).

Read more about pre-approval of coursework.

Apply for support from Lånekassen

If you already receive financial support from Lånekassen, you might be eligible for additional financing while studing abroad. (Only a few foreign nationals are eligible for support from Lånekassen.)

Read about additional financing while abroad for students already receiving Lånekassen.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

When you study abroad, personal information may be exchanged with partner institutions. It is important that you familiarize yourself with how we protect your personal information. 

Read about GDPR and Exchange.

Insurance, visa and vaccinations

Read information about insurance, visa and vaccinations.

Fulltime international students in Norway, can apply to NAV  International to find out whether you are eligible for voluntary membership in the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme for the period you will be abroad. If you are ineligible for voluntary membership, you may be required to purchase the host university's student health insurance.

Semester Registration

You must register for the semester and pay the semester fee for the period you study abroad. If you are registered for courses, you must manually withdraw from these if you are abroad. If you receive Lånekassen support, this confirms that you are an active student at NMBU even while you are studying abroad.  Log into the StudentWeb to complete the semester registration process.


Published 1. March 2022 - 15:04 - Updated 1. June 2022 - 13:22