FLOWlock digital exam

Installation and demo

It is important that you install and test that FLOWlock is functioning on your computer before the exam. The demos in WISEflow lets you test and get familiar with the application. See links to user guides.

Start the exam

Log in to WISEflow. Select Feide, and log in with your usual NMBU username and password. When you enter WISEflow, select the relevant exam, and then press 'Start FLOWlock'. If you have other programs running on your computer, you will be prompted to close them and then restart FLOWlock.

You will see a countdown window, which shows the remaining time until the exam starts. When the countdown is complete, you will see a small window where you must enter a password to start the exam. You will be given this password by the exam guards.

Writing your answer

After entering the password, you will enter a text editor where you will write your examination answer. You will find some of the same features as in a regular text editor (eg Word), but in a simplified version. We recommend that you complete a demo exam in FLOWlock before the exam, so that you are familiar with the text editor and the functionality when you take the exam.

In the right column next to the text editor, you have access to the assignment text, you can enter additional material such as a drawing or picture, and you can see all saved versions of your answer.

Submitting your examination answer

The remaining time of your exam is displayed in the top right corner, remember to keep track of the time.

Your candidate number is in the system, and you do not need to enter it. Remember not to write your name or other things that can identify you.

When the exam time is up

When the exam time is up, your answer will be locked, and you can not continue writing. Neither can you move or change the text. If you have a multiple-choice exam, you can not answer more questions, nor will you be able to read more questions. To be able to submit your answer, you must enter a new password, which you will receive from the examination guard. If you want to submit your exam before the time is up, the exam guard must enter the password for you.

When the submission is complete, you will receive a confirmation and you can close FLOWlock. If you wish, you can receive a receipt that your answer has been submitted. The answer will also be available in WISEflow, so you will find it there when the exam is over. If you have a multiple-choice exam, your questions and answers will only be available if the course coordinator allows this.

Published 17. August 2021 - 15:51 - Updated 1. December 2021 - 13:26