FAQ digital Campus exam

What is WISEflow, Flow, FLOWlock or FLOWmulti?

WISEflow is the digital examination system NMBU uses for exams. Please log in to WISEflow.

A Flow is a test/exam set up in WISEflow. This could for instance be for a school exam, a home exam or a submission for the thesis.

FLOWmulti describes a test set up in WISEflow that uses the multi-function, but it could contain other types of questions than a multiple choice.

FLOWlock is an exam browser that will prevent you from accessing files on your computer and Internet. FLOWlock is used for digital campus exams

How do I know whether the exam in my course is digital?

Information about whether the exam for your course is digital will be available at Studentweb. 

Do I have to bring my own computer to the exam?

Yes, all digital exams at NMBU are based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which means that the students bring their own laptop (PC or Mac) to the exam.

What do I have to do to prepare my computer for a digital exam?

You must download and install FLOWlock before the exam (exam browser that will prevent you from accessing files on your computer and Internet). Make sure to check that you have the latest version of the browser prior to every exam.

Who can help me if I need help to install FLOWlock?

Please bring your computer to the student computer service.

What if I don’t have my own computer?

If you don’t have a laptop PC or Mac, you can apply via this application form to borrow a computer.

What is the deadline to apply to borrow a computer?

The application deadline is the same as the deadline for withdrawal. Please contact eksamen@nmbu.no if you do get problems with your computer and have not applied to borrow one.

I'm taking my exam in a computer lab. Do I install FLOWlock myself?

FLOWlock the safe exam browser will be installed for you. Note that it is still your responsibility to get familiar with the system, by running a demo exam in WISEflow Try a demo exam in WISEflow

What if my computer breaks down on the exam day? 

We will try to organise a computer you can borrow.

I want to submit a blank examination answer. What do I do?

You have to bring your computer to the campus exam, sing in to WISEflow and deliver a blank examination answer in WISEflow. Otherwise you will be registered as no show and will not be able to sit for re-examination. Please note that not all courses offer a re-examination.

Can I use an iPad or other tablet to write the exam?


I have been granted extra time for the exam, how is this registered?

If you have been granted extra time, the exam office will register this in the system before the exam. 

I don’t remember my FEIDE password.

You can check or reset your password on this web page: https://brukerdata.nmbu.no/en

When do I have to meet for the exam?

For a digital exam, you have to be in the examination room up 30 minutes before the exam starts.

May I have scrap paper to draft?

Yes, we will have paper for drafts available.

Can I use a spell checker when I write my assignment?

Yes, the text editor in the exam browser has spell check available.

Is my assignment automatically saved while writing?

Yes, your assignment is automatically saved every 10 second as long as you are connected to internet.

Can I tell when my assignment was saved?

Yes, when writing your assignment in FLOWlock you will find different tools in the right column, there is also a list of saved versions of your assignment.

What if I lose the internet connection during my exam?

  • Do not close your browser if you loose internet access
  • Remember to save locally from time to time. A button will appear in the right upper corner with the text save a local copy or similar
  • When you have internet access again the browser will automatically update against WISEflow
  • Contact support if you dont have internet connection when handing in 

Is my assignment anonymous to the assessor?

Yes, the assessor can only see your candidate number. It is important that you don’t write your name or anything else that can identify you in the assignment.

Do I have to write my candidate number anywhere?

You don't need to write your candidate number anywhere. It is important that you do not write anything in your assignment that might identify who you are to the assessor. 

Will I get a copy of my assignment?

Your written assignment will be available in WISEflow, you can log in to view it at any time. You can also download a local copy. Multiple choice exams will be available in WISEflow after the exam only in some cases.

When do I get the exam questions?

The exam questions will be available in WISEflow when the exam starts.

Will it be possible to write the assignment on paper?

You cannot write a digital exam with pen and paper. If you need special arrangements for your exam you can apply for that and present a certificate issued by a medical professional or other stating the need for special arrangements.



Published 2. May 2017 - 10:30 - Updated 18. August 2021 - 14:02