Exam check-list

All exams spring 2021 will be home exams

  1. All NMBUs exams are conducted in accordance with the Academic regulations at NMBU and the temporary regulations for NMBU. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations before your exams.
  2. Remember to check the NMBU webpage Exam information 2021 
  3. You are responsible for keeping up-to-date on information about the time and any changes to the form of examination for your exam. Check StudentWeb and Canvas and as the faculty or course responsible if you have any questions.
  4. If your written exams are completed as a home-exams on your own PC,  you must have access to a PC and internet when completing your exam. Please make sure to check that your PC and network is working properly prior to your exam. You log in to the systems via your FEIDE login.  
  5. Remember to have your mobile available during the WISEflow exam. If a common messages related to the exam is given, the information will be available in the subject room in Canvas and you will be notified by SMS.
  6. Oral exams will be conducted digitally. You will receive more information about the practical implementation and the exact time for your examination from the faculty. Remember to check that the microphone and the speaker on your PC are working properly and check this well in advance of the exam. It is not permitted to record the oral exam, neither by you nor by the faculty.
  7. Try to find a place to sit for your exam where you can work undisturbed and with a good working posture.
  8. You are responsible for keeping up-to-date on permitted aids for each exam and have these available for the exam. It is not allowed to use any aids other than those stated as permitted for the individual exam. Many courses have changed the permitted aids this spring, so check Canvas for the permitted aids in each course. For re-exam (Konte) you will find information about permitted aids under comments on StudentWeb.
  9. Communication with fellow students or others during your exam is not permitted, unless such communication is stated as a permitted aid in the examination questions or in the course room in Canvas.
  10. Language: The exam answers can be submitted in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. If the questions are required to be answered only in English, this must be stated in the course description for the course.
  11. Submission: Your examination answer must be submitted within the set deadline for submission in Canvas or in WISEflow. When submitting your answer in WISEflow it is important that you follow the instructions for correct submission (don't  exit when you have up-loaded your answer, but choose submit). Should you experience any problems with submitting your answer please contact support immediately (see support information at Examination 2021). If an examination answer is not submitted within the deadline, the result not-completed will registered for your exam.
  12. Should you become ill before or during your exam and therefore not able to complete your exam, you must remember to submit a self- certification or medical certificate within five (5) days of the exam.
  13. A submitted answer cannot be withdrawn from marking even if a medical certificate is submitted after the examination.

Good luck with your exams!

Published 6. May 2020 - 15:59 - Updated 19. February 2021 - 16:48