Examination 2021


General information - exam 2021

  • All exams spring 2021 will be home exams

  • You will find updated information relating to  examination time, form and permitted aids for your examination: 

Check-list for your exam 2021

Tips and important things to remember for your exams - exam check-list

For support with digital home-exam
- prior to, under or after your exam 

Support hours
During the exam periode support will available between 8:00-18:00, or as long as the exam lasts. Before and after the exam period support will be available during 8:00-15:45.

WISEflow exams 
For support related to your exam in the digital examination system WISEflow please use this form
Web-form for exam support
 - for all exam related question except PC or network related trouble.

Canvas exam 
If you have questions related to your Canvas home exam please contact you course responsible for the specific course.

PC and network support
If you have question relating to your PC and or network please contact NMBU IT on it@nmbu.no /Phone: 67230555

How to carry out your digital home-exam 

Your written exams will be completed as home-exams on your own PC through Canvas or in WISEflow. Oral examinations will also be digital and you will get more information from the faculty.   

Do you need special arrangements during exams?

Students with disabilities and special needs are entitled to special arrangements for their exams.  Due to the coronavirus situation certain forms of special arrangements might unfortunately not be available. Please sees more information relating to special arrangements for exams.

Permitted aids 

Taking an exam at home might be quite different from taking your exam at campus. This also applies to the aids you have available during your exams and the possibility to get help from someone. Please note that the same rules as always apply to plagiarism and cheating and the consequences of such actions. It is thus important that you familiarize yourself with what aids that are permitted for your exams and to make sure that you don't use any aids that are not permitted. Cooperating with anyone is only allowed if this is specifically stated as permitted for your exam. You will find information about permitted aids in the course room in Canvas, the aids should also be stated on your exam questions.

Please find more information about permitted aids and how to avoid cheating and plagiarism.

What if you are sick and not able to take your exam

If you are sick or there are other special circumstances that makes it unavailable for you to take your exam, you need to register for valid absence. If you get sick during your exam and are not able to finish your WISEflow exam, you should not submit any answers. Make sure to submit your application for valid absence within five (5) days of the exam in question. You do not need to attach a doctor’s notice or equivalent with your application. Please read more about valid absence and find the form

If you want to submit a blank examination 

If you want to submit a blank answer to your WISEflow home exam, you will find the directions on the FAQ Digital home exam.

What rules apply to assessment and complaints 2021

All courses shall as the main rule be assessed within the usual deadlines for assessment. Due to circumstances related to the coronavirus there might unfortunately be some delay in the assessing. Such postponements shall as a main rule not exceed two weeks from the original assessment deadline for the course in question. You will find the assessment deadline for your course at Studentweb.

Grading System - Retaking Exams

Grade when retaking a course/an exam with a new grading scale:

[A-F → pass/fail] Students who obtained a passing letter grade previously and retake a pass/fail course:

  • If you fail the new exam: Letter grade counts. 
  • If you pass the new exam: “Pass” counts

[pass/fail → A-F] Students who obtain a “pass” and retake a course with A-F scale in the future:

  • If you fail the new exam: “Pass” counts
  • If you pass the new exam: Letter grade counts

 Please contact sensur@nmbu.no when the grade is published if you have any questions regarding your grade.

Published 23. April 2020 - 14:05 - Updated 19. February 2021 - 16:50