Illness or absence from exam

Self-certification if you are too ill to attend your exam(s).

In connection with the corona situation, NMBU allows you to submit a self-declaration if you are too ill to complete the exam. You must remember to send an application for valid absence no later than five (5) working days after the relevant exam, and you do not need to enclose documentation from a doctor / health professional.

To apply for valid absence, please fill out the web form (Feide login) Application for Valid Absence Registration

The self-certification applies to absence related to coronavirus as well as illness for other reasons. The self-certification shall give the students the same rights as absence documented with a doctor’s notice or equivalent cf. temporary regulations section 6 subsection 2

Make sure to submit your application for valid absence within five (5) days of the exam in question. You do not need to attach a doctor’s notice or equivalent.

NB: Please note that a submitted answer cannot be withdrawn from marking even if a medical certificate or self-certification is submitted after the examination.


General rules for illness or valid absence from exam

If you are unable to sit your exam due to illness or other special personal circumstances you will need a certificate issued by a medical professional. The application form Registration of valid absence and the certificate must be submitted within five days of the exam in question.

The certificate issued by a medical professional must contain:

  • Date/time of your absence
  • What exam/course, with course code, the certificate applies to
  • The certificate must state that you were too sick to attend your exam
  • The certificate must be signed and stamped by the doctor or other medical professional

If you get sick during your exam other rules apply.

If you submit valid documentation/certificate the examination and/or assessment in question will not be counted as an attempted examination. 

Please note. If you submit a certificate prior to your exam but still sit your exam, the certificate will not be valid. If you sit your exam the result from that exam overrule the certificate, no matter the mark on the exam.   

If you submit valid documentation/certificate you may be allowed to register for re-examination.

Published 28. November 2016 - 10:17 - Updated 25. October 2021 - 15:45