Information about digital exam - students

NMBU uses the digital examination tool WISEflow to manage digital examination and digital assessment. Please read the information below if you are having a digital exam at NMBU.

General digital exams

Digital home exam via WISEflow

Please note:

  • You need a stable internet connection
  • WISEflow recommend that you use the web browser Chrome or Firefox
  • Run a demo exam in WISEflow Try a demo exam in WISEflow
  • Log in to WISEflow with your FEIDE (NMBU) user account
  • Find the course for your home exam, you will have access to the exam questions at the start time for your exam.
  • Please note that your file(s) must be uploaded and handed in before the end time for your exam
  • FAQ Digital home exam
  • For WISEflow home exams you don't have to install FLOWlock (exam browser, that will prevent you from accessing files on your computer and Internet).
  • If you need support during your digital home exam please use this Web-form for exam support 

Digital school exam at Campus NMBU

Taking a digital campus exam at NMBU requires that you bring your own computer to use for the exam. Prior to your exam you must make sure that your computer meets the necessarily requirements, and that the safe exam browser is installed and works properly. We also recommend that you run a demo exam in WISEflow (link above), to get to know the system before your actual exam.

Please note:

  • Information about whether the exam for your course is digital will be available at Studentweb 
  • FAQ digital campus exam
  • Bring your own laptop (PC/MAC) and power cable
  • You must remember your FEIDE user credentials
  • Install FLOWlock before the exam - an exam browser that will prevent you from accessing files on your computer and Internet.
  • Run a demo exam in WISEflow Try a demo exam in WISEflow
  • Familiarize yourself with using Flowlock tools, how to find you exam questions and more 
  • You will be handed scrap paper and drawing sheets. Please bring a pen. The exam questions are not handed out on paper.


For courses with Lovdata as a permitted aid during the exam, you will have access to the online exam version of Lovdata through WISEflow. You have to use your FEIDE username and password to log in to Lovdata.

If you don't have a PC/Mac

If you don't have a computer or your computer doesn't meet the necessary requirements listed above, you may apply to borrow a computer from NMBU for the exam.

Pleas use the application form to apply to borrow a computer.

The application deadline is the same as the deadline for withdrawal.

Assessment and feedback

The assessor may give comments and feedback directly in your assignment in WISEflow. We recommend that you check this when the examination results for your digital exams are published.

Video about digital exam

Watch our video about digital exam:

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