FAQ digital home exam

How do I log on to the home exam?
-Either by clicking on the link you received by email for the exam itself, or you can log in to WISEflow here:

I can't remember my FEIDE password.
-You can check your password or change it on this page: https://brukerdata.nmbu.no

What should I do if I experience hang in WISEflow during a multiple choice exam
- If the exam hangs try to go out of the exam and re-enter.

Remember to select to handin the exam when you are done with the quiestions and hand in before the time runs out

When do I get access to the exam?
- The examtext becomes available in WISEflow when the exam starts.

Will the answer be automatically saved?
- Yes, your answer is automatically saved every 10 seconds, as long as you are connected to the Internet by a FLOWmulti task.

I have been extended time on the exam - what do I need to do?
- If you have been granted extended exa time, the extra time will be registered in the system before the exam.

If you experience problems and get an error code, try using a different browser

Published 8. April 2020 - 8:46 - Updated 8. April 2020 - 8:46