Retaking exam corona

Grading System - Retaking Exams

Some courses did due to the corona situation change the grading system from A-F to pass - fail.

For students who retake an exam with a previously obtained passed letter grade, the following applies:

  • Previous letter grade will be valid, but as long as the new exam is passed, the grade can be changed to Pass.

If you want such a change, you must send an email to after the censorship is available.

For students who take an exam for the first time, and where the course had an extraordinary grade rule Pass / Fail, but who at a later date choose to take a new exam, the following applies:

  • In the event of fail on the new exam: Any previous Pass grade becomes valid.
  • Upon passing the new exam: Letter grade becomes valid


Published 25. March 2021 - 14:16 - Updated 16. November 2022 - 12:47