Examination rooms

You will find your exam location on the Studentweb around 1-2 weeks prior to your exam.

Overview of what rooms are used for examination and whether the room is a common exam room, a computer lab, laboratory or a small room.



Room code  

What kind of room                      

Aud Max Aud Max                Exam room
Bioteknologibygningen (BT) BT3A11 Small room
  BT3A12 Small room
  BT3A13 Small room
  BT3A14 Small room
  BT3A16 Exam room
Meieriet (M) MU67 Exam room
  MU68 Small room
Samfunnet (ST) Allrommet Exam room
  Festsalen Exam room
  Festspisesalen Exam room
  Møterommet Exam room
Sørhellinga (S) SU113 og SU115 Laboratory
  S119 Exam room
  S120 Computer lab
  S121 Exam room
  S122 Small room
  S123 Small room
  S124 Exam room
Tårnbygningen (T) T130 Exam room
  T201 Exam room
  T230 Exam room
  T330 Exam room
  T434 Exam room
Teknologiskefag (TF) TF01 Computer lab
  TF02 Computer lab
  TF102 Fløy III Exam room
  TF203 Exam room
  TF204 Exam room
  TF205 Exam room
  TF210 Exam room
Urbygningen (U) U122 Exam room
  U203 Exam room
  U209 Small room
  U225 Exam room
  U227 Exam room
  U302 Exam room
  U303 Exam room
  U305 Exam room
  U306 Small room
  U323 Small room
  U325 Computer lab - computers for digital exam 
  U327 Computer lab - special needs


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