Exam check list

Here is a checklist and a useful video of important things to remember for your exam:

What to bring

  • Valid photo identification. Your ID will be checked during your exam. NB: Your Semestercard mobile App  is not valid ID.
  • Bring a ballpoint pen. The examination answer must be written with a ballpoint pen for the carbon paper to make readable copies.
  • For digital exams, bring your own laptop with charger.
  • Please bring food and something to drink. It is not possible to buy anything from the cafeterias.

        Valid photo ID = Visa card with photo, Driver license, NMBU Student card  or passport


  • Make sure to check Studentweb to find out where and when your exam will be held. If you show up too late or at the wrong room for your exam, you may not be allowed to take your exam at all.
  • You should be seated in your exam room 15 minutes prior to the start time. For digital exams, we recommend that you are seated 30 minutes prior to the start time, in case you should need technical guidance.
  • Show consideration for your fellow students - please leave quietly!

Attempted cheating

Make sure that you know what is regarded as attempted cheating. Any access to a mobile phone or smartwatch will be regarded as attempted cheating without exception!

Please note that as of May 2016 you can no longer have your watch available during your exam. Watches are banned due to the difficulty in some cases of seeing the difference between a smart watch and a watch without the smart watch functions.
We kindly ask for your understanding. There are wall-clocks in all the examination rooms.

  • Mobile phones, smart wathches and all electronic equipment must be turned off and placed in your bag/ backpack.
  • Aids that are not allowed must be removed and placed in your bag / backpack. Dictionaries cannot contain any handwritten information.

Breach of the above rules will be regarded as attempted cheating. This applies even if the mobile phone, electronic equipment or aid has not been used, or even turned on.

Good luck on your exam!

Published 2. September 2011 - 10:00 - Updated 16. July 2019 - 9:58