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NMBU uses the digital examination tool WISEflow to manage digital examination and digital assessment

For students

The students have to bring their own computer to use on the digital exam. On a written exam or a multiple choice exam, we use a safe exam browser - FlowLock, which you have to download and install on your computer. You must do this before the exam, to make sure your computer meets the requirements. To get to know the system, you should also perform a demo exam in WiseFlow before the real exam.

Use your Feide username and password to log in to WiseFlow.

The students are responsible to check that the computer meets the requirements, and that the safe exam browser is downloaded and installed before the exam date.

Computer requirements

  • Computer (PC or Mac) with Windows or Mac OS. Tablets cannot be used.
  • It is not possible to use a wireless mouse or keyboard.
  • Remember to bring your own power cable for your computer.
  • Must be connect to NMBUs wireless network Eduroam. Make sure to test this in advance. Support Eduroam.    
  • Your computer must have FLOWlock installed

If you don't have a PC/Mac

If you don't have a computer or you computer doesn't meet the necessary requirements listed above, you may apply to sit for your examination in a NMBU computer lab.

The deadline to apply for borrowing a computer in the autumn parallell 2017 is 10th of november.

Application form 

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