Digital examination - course responsible

NMBU uses the digital examination tool WISEflow to manage digital examination/digital assessment. The system may be used for written examinations, assignments, oral examinations and multiple choice. The studentes will usually use their own device for the examination.

Digital examination - course responsible

The course responsible giving a written exam using WISEflow will normally only need to have the role as a Examiner. The Department of Academic Affairs will add the exam questions to WISEflow.

Please note: If the exam questions exists in more than one language (Bokmål /Nynorsk /English) the exam questions, in all languages, must be in the same document. Until further notice it is not possible to register more than one set of exam questions per course. Exam papers must be sent digitally to the Department of Academic Affairs. Further information about the Examiner role.

If you are creating a multiple choice test in WISEflow, you need the role as "Author". As an assisting teacher in a course one can also have access as "Rewiewer" (access to read the exam answers).


Information about students who do not have their own PC / Mac and computer requirements.

The best browsers to use for WISEflow.

Published 17. March 2017 - 13:20 - Updated 18. April 2017 - 14:10

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