Campus exams


Remember that you have to be registered for exams in order to take your exam. 

Not taking your exam? Remember to withdraw from exam.

You will find updated information relating to  examination time, form and permitted aids for your examination: 

You are responsible for keeping up-to-date on information about the time and any changes to the form of examination for your exam. Check StudentWeb and Canvas and as the faculty or course responsible if you have any questions.

Remember for you exam 

  • You must show valid photo ID (student card / Passport / driver's license). Due to the ban of mobile telephones during the exam, digital semester cards cannot be used as valid ID.

  • Food / drinks, stationery and permitted aids must be brought to your desk. Sack / handbag, turned off mobile phone and outerwear must be placed at the designated location. Due to the challenges with smart watches, all wristwatches must be placed at the designated location. A clock will be visible in all the examination rooms. 

  • You may bring:
    • - external keyboard / mous (wiered, not wireless)
    • - noise-cancelling earplugs without sound or internet access
  • You can not bring:
    • - extra screen,
    • - extra PC, Pad, Kindle or similar
    • - digital notes / digital curriculum / e-books

Arrival time

- For examination completed with pen and paper: The examinee  should be seated in the exam venues 15 minutes prior to the start time.
- For examination completed as a digital exam at campus: The examinee  should be seated in the exam venues 30 minutes prior to the start time

Where will my exam be held?

You will find your exam location on the Studentweb around 1-2 weeks prior to your exam. If you like to know more about the rooms usually used for examination you might check out the examination room list

Permitted aids for exam

It is important that you as a student know what the permitted aids for your exam / test are and only use these. It is also important that you learn to write academic text and quote correctly from the sources you use. If you do this correctly, you will avoid being suspected of attempted cheating and / or plagiarism. You should find the aid-code for your course at web-based course description. More information about aids for exma and more.

Digital campus based exam via WISEflow

Taking a digital campus exam at NMBU requires that you . Prior to your exam you must make sure that your computer meets the necessarily requirements, and that the safe exam browser is installed and works properly. We also recommend that you run a demo exam in WISEflow (link below), to get to know the system before your actual exam.

  • Bring your own computer (PC/MAC) and power cable to use for the exam. No kind of Pads can be used.
  • You must remember your FEIDE user credentials
  • Install FLOWlock before the exam - an exam browser that will prevent you from accessing files and Internet on your computer during your exam.
  • Make sure that your device can connect to the wireless network Eduroam before the exam
  • Do you have any PC problems? Contact IT (computer service) at /Ph. 67230555 prior to your exam
  • Familiarize yourself with using FLOWlock tools, how to find you exam questions and more 
  • You will be handed scrap paper and drawing sheets
  • Please bring a pen and any permitted aids
  • The exam questions will be available in WISEflow and are not handed out on paper
  • For exams in the digital exam system WISEflow, the exam answer must be written on a computer. Only drawings and some calculations can be made with pen and paper and uploaded as an attachment to the answer. Handwritten exam answers will not normally be censored.
  • Your examination answer must be submitted within the set deadline for submission. Make sure you submit the correct file! 
  • If you have any questions about digital campus based exams you may also check the frequently asked questions page  FAQ digital campus based exam
  • The assessor may give comments and feedback directly in your assignment in WISEflow. We recommend that you check this when the examination results for your digital exams are published.

Examinations on paper

  • Please bring a pen and any permitted aids
  • You will be provided with the examination papers and cover sheet to be used. Only paper provided by the examination guard(s) can be used during the exam.
  • The examinations must be anonymous and you will be assigned the examinee number to be used on all answer and cover sheets. Make sure that the correct examinee number is used.
  • A ballpoint pen must be used for the examination paper to create a satisfactory carbon copy. Please be aware that if writing on a sheet on top of the carbon copy paper, the writing may transfer to the carbon sheets below. You are responsible for what you submit as an answer and that the handwriting is legible.
  • When the ordinary exam time is out, you will have a maximum of 15 minutes to number, apply the examinee number and sort the answer sheets. You are responsible for separating the three-ply exam papers from each other and placing them in the correct covers. If  you continue to write on the answer after the examination time is out, this will be regarded as an attempt at cheating.
  • Any sheets of rough notes may not normally be handed in as part of the examination answer.
  • When you are ready to submit your answer, a sign must be given to the guard. You must stay in your seat until the answer is submitted, checked and acknowledged by the guard. Submitted answers cannot be handed back to you under any circumstances.
  • The examinee is only allowed to bring the actual examination questions and the pink copy of his/her answer out of the examination room after the completion of the examination. All other exam papers (used and unused) must be delivered to the guards. If the exam question has been given in the form of a multiple choice test or there has been a separate answer sheet with the questions, the examinee cannot expect to get a copy of his/her answer.

Bilingual dictionary


Students whose first language is not Norwegian are permitted to bring a dictionary between their first language and Norwegian. This rule applies equivalently if the examination is held in English (it also applies to students with Norwegian as their first language for courses taught in English). The dictionary may not contain any personal notes.

Oral exam 

Information about the time and completion of the oral examination will be given by the faculty.

Withdraw during the exam/submit a blank examination

Exam on paper

To deliver a blank, you must fill in the cover sheets and only deliver these. Remember that you can not leave the hall until 30 minutes have passed since the exam started. 

Digital exam

If you want to submit a blank / withdraw from the exam, you must show up at the right exam room with your own PC. You must log in to WISEflow, press the 'submit blank' button, or upload a blank file that you submit. Remember that you can not leave the hall until 30 minutes have passed since the exam started.

Illness during your exam

If you become ill during the exam must choose whether you will obtain  a medical certificate, submit a blank answer or submit an answer for marking. Further information about the options can be found under Sudden illness during the exam. A submitted answer cannot be withdrawn from marking even if a medical certificate is submitted after the examination.

Detailed guidelines for the examination day

Guidelines for examinees - written and supervised examinations at NMBU

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