Re examination registration

Legitimate reason for absence or fail your exam
If you have a legitimate reason for absence from a written intermidiate exam or failed such an exam you may register to re-examination

Legetimate reasons for absence from an exam might be illness or other special personal circumstances.

Please note that a certificate confirming the legitimate reason for absence must be sent within 5 working days.  

Please read more about who can register for re-examination in Academic regulations for NMBU

You may register for re-examination on Studentweb (Registrations -> Registrations for classes and exams)

No show at your exam
If you do not sit/turn up for your exam you cannot register for re-examination, but must register for the ordinary scheduled examination in the course.

Registration deadline
1 October - for courses with ordinary exams in the Spring parallel, June block and August block. Re-sit examination will be held either a few days before Christmas or prior to semester start in January
(Withdrawal deadline 1 November)

1 March - for courses with ordinary exams in the Autumn parallel and January block. Re-examination will be held in the end of May/beginning of June.
(Withdrawal deadline 1 April)

Academic calendar

Application and documentation confirming absence must be sent using electronic application form Appliation for regisstration of valid absence

or email your documentation to

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