Number of examination attempts

Three attempts - if no passing mark

You have a right to be assessed in the same course up to three times provided that the course in question still exists. and that the you have not already achieved a passing mark in the subject.

Please not that if you have registered for an exam and fail to sit it this will count as an attempted exam. Please read more about legitimate absence from exams and how to withdraw from an exam

Retaking a passed exam

If the course and/or examination has been passed, you have an opportunity o be assessed in the same course again, but only once in each individual course. Exceptions:

- Students are not permitted to resubmit a degree thesis that has been awarded a pass grade.
- students taking the veterinary medicine and veterinary nursing programmes do not have a right to resit an examination they have passed.

Please note that you can only register for the ordinary exam in the course not re-examination (konte), and that students who are permitted to take an assessment in a course they have previously passed do not have the right to follow teaching in courses with limited teaching capacity.

Special corona rules

Are you going to re-take an exam that has changed the grade rule as a result of the corona situation? Read more about what grading rules that apply

Best grade counts

If a student has been assessed in a course more than once, the best grade achieved shall count, and only this grade shall appear on the transcript of grades and the diploma.

Application for a fourth attempt

If you have not passed a course after three attempts you may, by submitting an application stating the grounds to the Department of Academic Affairs, be granted dispensation to attempt an assessment in the course for a fourth time.



Published 7. March 2014 - 7:49 - Updated 4. May 2021 - 10:16