When and where can you find the assessment for your course?

Assessment for your course will normally be available 3 (6 weeks for degree thesis) after the exam date. If the examination deadline that appears in Studentweb is more than 3 weeks, this means that a postponed examination deadline has been approved. Please read NMBUs Accademic regulations chapter 38 for more details

Grading system
System and description of marks

Corona situation

All courses shall as the main rule be assessed within the usual deadlines for assessment. Due to circumstances related to the coronavirus there might unfortunately be some delay in the assessing. Such postponements shall as a main rule not exceed two weeks from the original assessment deadline for the course in question. You will find the assessment deadline for your course at Studentweb.

Where can you find information about your grade?

When the examination results are available, they are published on the Student Web. 


Courses with final written or oral examination during the examination period:

  • 3 weeks after the date of the exam

Courses without a final written or oral exam during the exam period:

  • 3 weeks after the last teaching day in the parallel / block period

Degree thesis and major written assignments:

  • Six weeks after the submission deadline.


Published 19. April 2016 - 11:23 - Updated 25. March 2021 - 13:12