Looking for work

Looking for work in Norway? This is an introduction to how you can find vacant positions in Norway. You will also find links to websites that provide more information.

We also suggest that you look at the webpage Work in Norway - the official page

Work permit for non-EU students

Please refer to your residence permit card about your eligibility to work while studying at NMBU. The back of your permit card will specify how many hours per week you can work. For first-time study permits, the part-time work permit is for maximum of 20 hrs/week during the semester and full time in the vacation periods. Part-time work permits for renewals can be adjusted down depending on the student’s academic performance.

Work for EU/EFTA/EEA students

Once you have registered at the local police as living in Norway and you receive your registration certificate (registreringsbevis), you are allowed to work in Norway.


When you work in Norway, employers will ask for your tax card because they are responsible for paying your income tax. Until you have a tax card, you will be taxed 50%. You can contact the tax authorities to find how to order a tax card. For more information go to Skatteetaten website.

Learn Norwegian!

Regardless of whether you are looking for a professional job or a part-time job, the most important factor for your success is to know Norwegian. Although many Norwegians master English quite well, the fact is that most employers prefer to be able to communicate with their employees in Norwegian. Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to learn Norwegian as soon as possible.

Norwegian classes are offered at:

Job opportunities for non-Norwegian speakers

There are some types of jobs you can apply for even if you do not master Norwegian - but speaking English is a necessity. Here are some examples:

  • Newspaper delivery
  • Advertisement distribution
  • Cleaning
  • Warehouse work
  • Production work within industry
  • Embassy work
  • Work in restaurants/pubs/cafeterias, e.g. cook, waiter, dishwasher (particularly in restaurants/pubs with a profile from your native country)
  • Businesses with English as working language (e.g. big international companies)
  • Travel-business: guide/courier (here it is an advantage to master several languages)
  • Seasonal work in agriculture (e.g. picking strawberries)
  • Packing of books, fruit etc.
  • Forwarding and transportation
  • Park service/gardening
  • Providing private services (gardening, baby-sitting, maintenance work, cleaning, handiwork)
  • Work in moving companies

How to find vacant positions

  • Search the Internet – good web search pages are: NAV, FINN, jobbnorge.nolinkedIn.com, careergate.nmbu.no
  • Contact a temporary staff recruitment agency – e.g.: Manpower, Adecco, Proffice, Express Rekruttering, Stepp Inn
  • Look for job advertisements in store windows and on message boards
  • Read professional journals and specialized magazines
  • Contact employers directly

If you come from a European country, you can look for vacant positions in Norway from your home country through EURES (European Employment Service).

More information

At velkommenoslo.no you will find a very informative page with lots of useful information in English for foreigners in Norway. There is also a separate page on job hunting.  

Published 17. March 2014 - 11:03 - Updated 4. November 2021 - 11:26