What happens in a job interview

You will generally meet two to five persons (interviewers). The interview will sometimes be conducted by a recruiter, but there is most likely that the employer will be joining the interview.

It is quite common that hiring managers begin the interview by explaining shortly what the company does and what they are looking for in candidates for the advertised job. After that you will be asked questions and that is the main part of the interview. Most of the employers save some time for your questions as well at the end of the interview. If the interview ends without a brief discussion of what the next steps are, ask. What is next in the hiring process, can you give me a rough estimate of when you expect to make a hiring decision, when do you think you can get back to me?

 Focus on the questions and keep your answers short and to the point when being interviewed. Show engagement and enthusiasm for the position as well as for the company.

Pay attention to:

  • Be on time.
  • Dress professionally, research the company’s dress code.
  • Firm handshake, eye contact and a smile.
  • It is perfectly normal to be nervous. Employers know that.


After the interview

It is normal to come up with something you should have mentioned during the interview after the interview. Write it down. Bring it up in your second interview, if invited. Otherwise remember it for next time. If you haven’t heard back from your potential employer within the suggested time frame for the expected hiring decision, you can call and ask. Sometimes they might be late in the hiring process, or the position has already been offered to another candidate. If not chosen, you can ask to get some feedback on why you didn’t get the job.


Published 9. March 2017 - 16:34 - Updated 9. March 2017 - 16:34