Job interview - how to succeed

Analyze the job posting and research the company: Visit the company webside, review the company mission statement, learn about their culture and business needs. Get the company’s latest news and updates. Here is where you can discover your motivation to do the job - why have you applied for it. You have to go beyond the explanation that you have recently graduated and that advertised position suits you. The employer wants to be sure you really want the job and you are the right person to do it. Your passion and motivation for launching your career is a selling point.

 Do you know someone who works there? They can help you find priceless inside information.

 Review the job ad. Are job description, duties and requirements evident? Is there something vague in the ad? This can be a starting point for your own questions when being interviewed.

 Read your application and CV once more. The interviewers will often use what you have written as a starting point of the interview.

 “Tell about yourself” is one of the most asked interview questions. Think about what do you want the interviewer to know about you when you leave? Rehearse. Employers want to get to know you as a person: your background, interests and personal qualities as well as your professional skills. Remember – the employer is not hiring a diploma, but a person.

 Prepare yourself for the difficult questions. Practice your responses to the questions about your weaknesses, how you can contribute to their company and why they should hire exactly you. Practicing will make you feel self confident in an interview. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and provide concrete examples for them, if possible.

 Dress code: Regardless of the work environment, it is important to dress professionally for a job interview. Research dress codes for your position and company.

Published 9. March 2017 - 16:02 - Updated 13. March 2017 - 10:27